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Sitting at the back? The impact of Covid19 on migrant pupils in the UK

by Alessio D’Angelo *** This is an expanded version of a blog originally published on Discover Society. The last few weeks have seen schools at the very centre of the British coronavirus rows. Between confusing ministerial plans, unconvincing political spin and teachers union’s reservations, some of the most vulnerable have been completely forgotten: migrant andContinue reading “Sitting at the back? The impact of Covid19 on migrant pupils in the UK”

More info coming soon

Many thanks to all those who got in touch over the last few days; and particularly those who have proposed contributions to this project. We are going through all the emails and working to line up some blogs and updates starting next week. In the meantime, please watch this space for more updates.We have onlyContinue reading “More info coming soon”

Call for Evidence

In times of Covid19, migrant students shouldn’t be forgotten. A call for evidence and contributions on the experiences and needsof migrant and refugee students during the global lockdown Download as a PDF The Covid19 pandemic is affecting everybody, but we are not “all in this together”. In fact, this health emergency and the ‘lockdowns’ thatContinue reading “Call for Evidence”

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